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What is Website Optimization?

Website Optimization is a cyclical approach of using advanced analytics to diagnose weak points, testing best practices to improve them, implementing changes that will help, then starting again to find the next weak point.

How Does it Work?

We start by gathering traffic data from your website and learning about your business in order to strategically find areas that need improvement. Then we create A/B tests to see how your customers respond to different changes

What will optimization do for your website?

The result is increased profit and reduced risk through a web site that keeps moving forward with up to date features. You’ll learn what features work or don’t work before investing in a potentially harmful change.

What is
A/B Testing?

A/B testing is creating a “B” version of a webpage with a small change from the original “A” version of the page. Web Traffic is then split between the two versions so that the conversion rate, average order

Pineapple value, and revenue per visitor of the traffic moving through each version can be compared head to head in real time, telling us if the small change on the “B” version makes an impact on customers

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“In terms of satisfaction and belief
in the product, we’re a 100% there”

Steve Erwin,
Operations Manager, Burston Marketing

“A/B testing has really given us a
way to take confident steps forward
with our website”

Brenton Taussig,
President, Consolidated Plastics

“As we upgrade our mobile site,
this kind of insight will be crucial.”

Thomas Bright
CEO of Hitchcock Shoes

“We’re amazed with how small changes
can make such a big difference”

Tarron Acuff
Director of eCommerce

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When you join with Web 2 Market, not only do you get the benefit of our twenty years of experience helping Ecommerce businesses flourish, but you also benefit from big data gathered across hundreds of merchants.

Check out our extensive list of site optimization tests designed to enhance your customers on-line experience…

Clear Cart Header Limit the number of links on the cart and checkout pages
Zip Code Autofill Fill in the customer’s city and state based on their zip code
Paypal Checkout inserts Add links to quickly checkout with Paypal express and Paypal credit
Credit Card Auto Detect Automatically identify the customer’s card type based on card number
Checkout Button Floater Keep the checkout button on screen as mobile users scroll
Add to Cart CTA Floater Keep the Add to Cart button on screen as mobile users scroll
Checkout CTA Security Use words to icons to increase confidence in security
Checkout CTA to Mini Cart Allow users to go straight to checkout from the minicart
Collapse Promo Code Put the coupon field in a drop down to save space
Mobile email input Bring up a more user friendly keyboard for email addresses
Mobile number input Bring up a number pad keyboard for card number input
Hide Chat Dialogue in Checkout Remove the chat icon from checkout pages
Add to Cart Transition Pull up the mini cart or pop up after adding an item to cart
Remove Continue Shopping Button Keep users on the cart and checkout pages by removing “continue shopping”
Credit Card Spacing Present the credit card number with spaces as the customer puts it in
Cart Auto Update Automatically adjust the subtotal in cart when the user changes quantity
Confirm Exit Intent Create a popup when users try to leave checkout
Remove Clear Shopping Cart Prevent accidental clearings by removing the clear shopping cart button
Cart Upsell Slider Adds a selection of related products customers can add to cart from the cart page
Checkout Steps Labels Create a sense of progress by numbering the steps of checkout
Checkout Input Focus Highlight the checkout field customers currently have selected
Auto Select Shipping Method Save customers a click by already having the cheapest shipping method selected
Checkout Deactivate Spellcheck Prevent unrecognized words such as uncommon names from being labeled as misspelled
Checkout Card Images Location Place Card Images above, below, right, or left of the credit card number field
Checkout Place ordre Disabled Deactivate Continue or checkout buttons until all required inputs have been filled
Newsletter Opt In Change the newsletter sign up from being automatically selected.
Add to Cart Success Feedback Add an effect to let customers know the item is being added to cart
Checkout Payment CVV Helper Add a “?” icon that customers can click to learn where to find their CVV
Phone Required Explanation Add a “?” icon next to a required phone number input to explain why its required
Email Required Explaination Add a “?” icon next to a required email input to explain why its required
Collapse/remove Company name Remove the company name field from checkout, which is often not used
Collapse/remove Fax Number Remove the fax number field from checkout, which is often not used
Collapse/remove Address line 2 Remove the Address line 2 field from checkout, which is often not used
Show Password Add a checkbox that when selected will let customers see their password as they type it in
Detect Country Automatically detect country based on IP address
Checkout Required Labels Add asterisks or another label next to mandatory inputs in checkout
Checkout Optional Labels Add an optional label next to non required inputs in checkout
Guest checkout on Cart Page Add a separate CTA on the cart page for users who do not wish to sign in during checkout
Open PDP in new tab Load product pages in a new tab by default
CVV verbiage Change the label for the 3 digit card security code into more familiar language
Telephone Optional Change the phone number field from required to optional
Auto select guest checkout Save guests a click by automatically selecting guest checkout when asked if they want to log in/sign up
Move Promo Code to top of page Increase visibility on promo codes during promotional periods
Disabled Add to Cart Button Deactivate the add to cart button until required inputs have been selected
PDP Duplicate CTA Add a “Buy now” CTA for mobile visitors that will scroll down to required inputs and add to cart CTA
Uncapitalize Email input Deactivate automatic capitalization for email addresses
Category Page Hide Reviews Remove reviews from being displayed on category pages
Invalid card number warning Add an error message when an invalid card number is being typed in
Checkout Order Review Notice Add a message to let customers know that they will be able to review their order after entering payment information
Auto Capitalize names Automatically capitalize the first letters of names for desktop customers
State Auto complete Replace a drop down menu for state input with auto complete
Country Auto Complete Replace a drop down menu for Country input with auto complete
PDP Title Location Move the product title and price to the top of the product page
Visible Price Increase the font size of a product’s price
Disable Quick View Disable product quick view from category pages
Remove Wishlist Remove the add to wishlist link from product pages
Highlight Card Image Show the customer that their card type has been selected when they start typing their card number
Hide Card Type Remove the drop down menu for selecting credit card type
PDP – Breadcrumbs Change the breadcrumb navigation links to “Return to previous page”
Mobile Dot Slider Replace thumbnail product images with a dot slider
Full Width CTA Expand the Add to Cart CTA to stretch across the entire mobile screen
Full Width Checkout CTA Expand the Checkout CTA to stretch across the entire mobile screen
Back to top button Back to top button Add a button to quickly scroll back to the top of the page
Simplified Search Icon Replace full search bar with just the magnifying glass icon to expand to the search bar
Cart Total in Header Display the customer’s current subtotal in the header
Auto Select Payment Method Save customers a click by already having the most common payment method selected
Quantity Selector Add “+” and “-” buttons beside the quantity field to allow for easy adjustments
Checkout Add Card Name Increase confidence in security by requiring the name on card in checkout
Add to Cart Confirmation popup timer Automatically close add to cart popups after a set amount of time
Indicate Previously viewed products Change the text of previously viewed products to purple so they can easily be found
Image Carousel Automatically slide through the different product images
Thumbnail listing location Change the product page thumbnails to be listed above, below, left, or right of the main image
Select Applicable Size Automatically select the size for items where only one size is available
Select Applicable Color Automatically select the color for items where only one color is available
Sticky Cart Icon Add a small cart icon that inciates number of items in cart to float in the bottom right corner of the screen
Full Screen Email Signup Create a full page popup for email signups and lead capture
We miss you browser tab Automatically changes the browser tab title to “We miss you” when the tab has been inactive
Mobile Menu Location Change the mobile navigation menu to appear on the right or lefthand side of the header
Sticky Header Keep the header on the screen as users scroll down the page.
Shopper Approved Increase buyer confidence with a third party review site providing product and company reviews